Creating a blog means that I have the audacity to think that some of my ponderings are valuable enough to be published and read by people at large (admittedly, it will likely be mostly my closer friends and family who take the time to read it, half of whom do so from felt obligation).  By way of some preliminary remarks, I will have to beg your deepest forgiveness for errors in punctuation, spelling, and grammar inasmuch as they might distract you from what I’m trying to say or (even worse!) subtract from my credibility.

In the end, I have two main goals that drive this newly created blog:  perhaps you will be encouraged along your journey by some of the things I post. If so, I am sincerely grateful.  Being a person who thrives off of words of affirmation, you may always feel free to let me know if something to that effect has happened.  Secondly, I publish for interaction and feedback.  Many things that I will say here I am not entirely sure of, and could make for a beneficial discussion for all parties involved, an example of which being my forthcoming post on wisdom.  I hope to get feedback, and spark discussion so that my thinking might be sharpened or challenged by yours.  I would only ask for a similar ‘learning’ attitude to be assumed in replying, unless there is something urgent…like my imminent apostasy.  In the end, I am trying whenever possible to not assume what I would call a purely ‘blogger’ stance—detached, self-absorbed (though I find this to be inevitable in an exercise like this).  Rather, I am trying to be vulnerable, lest this end up an arena of shows of intellectual power. Thoughtful humility seems better.

Thanks for stopping by and reading.

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