Wisdom and Rashness…

Let me be honest, Most High—You who rule the kingdoms of men.  It seems to me that even among my brothers—Your holy, chosen people—there is much lacking in the area of wisdom.  People speak too quickly, even about their brothers, act rashly, presume to lead people without due thought being given to how or why they lead them the way they do.  I am caught in tension, because I wait.  I wait for Your divine wisdom—Your gift of governing, insight, perception, understanding—to be given to me that I might lead with proper consideration, due thought, and careful conviction.

Yet I see them being successful…some of them.  And I wonder, Ruler of Men.  I am curious, Wisdom of Heaven—why would they who do not (it seems to me!) consider adequately what it is in fact that they are doing, prosper?  Is it that they will soon fall—not without your blessing having been administered; not without your will having been accomplished in the lives of those they lead, to be sure, for I speak of Your church—until another generation rises to make similar mistakes?  If this is true, then I need only wait and see, perhaps if I live long enough, to observe their folly (intently watching…not self-righteously or with bitterness).  Or is it that you work through such imperfection…even rashness in such a way that I will surely not surpass it?

But will they last?  Will their ‘kingdoms’ last?  They preach Your Kingom, and you rule all men…Christian and non-Christian.  So I appeal to you for an answer—insight into the goings of mankind.  That I might present to You a heart of wisdom, to be used for your glory.  This I know: for any kingdom to be established, it must have Your hand behind it.  For any organization to have longevity—to reach into generations beyond the one of its inception—it must be backed by Your breath.

This I confess:  We are extremely short sighted.  We depend, deeply, on your divine wisdom—Your perspective.  May we not, O Father, be enticed by rashness—quick progress.  But I, Judge of all, do not in any way wish to be a perpetual cynic—steeping in my own false wisdom. Take your sword, Warrior, God, Father, Judge; take your sword and carve my soul.  This is gruesome. Cut me, God, that I praise you. That I bring to you a heart of wisdom—not pseudo-wisdom, which is a cleverest snare of Folly!  Bring me to you, O God, that I might breathe you…to all the nations…and to my neighborhood.  That I might administer those things You breathed with wisdom, being established by your hand, with effects reaching long into the future…long after I have died. I will die, and 70 years is nothing next to You…even next to what we know of you—the past up to this point.  There are endless generations of people coming and going until the end you appointed, which only You know.  Only You know.

But there is also this generation…and they will be judged after death.  This is the tension.  Help me navigate it correctly, that I might present to you a heart of wisdom, conditioned by you, and thus to Your praise and glory…at the end of the age, when we all gather round You, and exclaim Your everlasting weightiness, wisdom, and faithful love. I look forward to that day, and would wish to be an instrument of rescue for some from here and now, that they would be there too—they and the generations after.


—I think I understand, at least partially the objections to a longing for ‘long’ establishment, and patient waiting for divine wisdom (e.g., your crack addict neighbor just OD’d last night, don’t wait to do Kingdom work…to ‘lead’).  But I challenge you: can anyone argue convincingly that the problem of the church today is long-sightedness? Too much thought?  We have, in my opinion, a deep propensity to act rashly…both Christian, and non-Chrisitan (i.e. all humanity…).  But I think there is a perspective on life—a zooming out…accompanied by a certain understanding—that is the salve to such rashness—running around like chickens with our heads cut off.  I am concerned mostly with leadership; not daily Christian living and obedience.  Leaders are leading people somewhere…even whole groups of people…even long into the future generations. This is a weighty thing.

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2 Responses to Wisdom and Rashness…

  1. Kaylee Joy says:

    this was really interesting for me to read, because i’ve never given much thought to how I lead people when given the chance, whether its rash or thoughtful or somewhere in between. Even though I have no real insight or anything very useful to say in response to this, I wanted you to know that it was good for me to read and that it helped get me thinking about things I need to think about more often. All of your posts so far have been really helpful for me to read, they fed me in a way I haven’t been in a while. So, that said, thanks George.

  2. gquarles7 says:

    Thanks Kaylee. I’m glad I’m not the only one working through it. Also, great to hear from you; you have been on my heart even though we haven’t talked much recently.

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